Big Kid Time

Let me start off this post by saying that I understand that our school is not easy. We all know that this is a long six-year journey that tests us mentally, emotionally, and even physically. That being said, it can get a little annoying hearing people whine about how school is hard. I know this is not like high school where we do not have to study every day to get A’s, but who ever told you that this school would be easy? I never once heard someone tell me that this college would be just like high school where grades came from sitting in class and staying awake for participation points. However, there always seem to be the same students I hear carry on about being stressed about this and having no time for that. I must confess that I am not completely innocent when it comes to complaining, but it is not an everyday thing for me like it is for some students. Some people can never seem to be happy. They are always having to whine about something. My absolute favorite thing to hear is when people talk about how they have no time for things because they are “so involved.” Last time I checked, going to a meeting for an organization once a month, but not participating in it, does not count as being involved. There are some students who are leaders in many organizations, do sports, make good grades, and even work a job. Those are the students who amaze me and are the only ones that I feel have the right to complain night and day about their busy life. The students who merely take classes and still seem to have it harder than everyone else I do feel sorry for sometimes. I feel sorry for the fact that once they become pharmacists, they will never be able to juggle work and family or a social life without complaining. Things may seem impossible now, but whining is not going to change the fact that you still have a test tomorrow morning and a quiz that afternoon. You decided to come to this college because you knew they would make you the best pharmacist out of anywhere else. So why do you expect it to be so easy? If it was so easy, everyone would be doing it and that would be living hell. So, stop sucking on your thumb and feeling sorry for yourself so that you can be a happier and, most likely, healthier person. Or I can try to start a petition for the school to start buying everyone diapers.

With love,



2 thoughts on “Big Kid Time

  1. I can appreciate the sentiment as yes, the morale is very low here and perhaps people would be better off not being so negative. However, this is one of the most, arrogant, condescending, and holier-than-thou things I have read in a very long time. Calling everyone babies and making high-horsed comments about having to order diapers for classmates does not sit well with me. The last blog post was about how it is not “fetch” to judge or stereotype people, yet this one is constantly making snarky remarks about classmates and their ability to tolerate the high workload of stlcop, even going so far as to judge them about their future ability to manage a career and personal relationships. In fact, a lot of the posts on this blog are about how inferior segments of the stlcop population are: be it late comers, complainers, other people who judge people, or people unable to fake their emotions.

    Yes, there are valid points in this article, but this is one of the most high handed ways conceivable to express these points.

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