Its that time of the year again. Where everyone buckles down on studying just to pass a class. I certainly am no stranger to the late nights of little sleep just so I can squeeze out that grade on the final I need. It amazes me how determined everyone on campus gets during finals week. Not studying is never an option for our school. Or rather, it is an option, but typically one that is not taken. The students on campus do not accept defeat. Instead, we all fight to stay alive. The only thing that irks me during finals week is when I know hard everyone here on campus is studying for numerous finals and then I see people who do not go to our school posting on Facebook about how they have no finals. It seriously makes me want to slap the mother out of them. I’m happy for them that they go to an easy school that treats you like you are still in high school, but please quit posting it to Facebook or Twitter. All it does is remind me of how much more difficult my life is at this moment than yours. So, if you could refrain from reminding everyone about your brilliantly easy life, I can probably refrain from putting my fist in your face. Also, many of you know or at least have seen the people touring on our campus during finals week. I understand that this is a good time for them to tour since the campus is literally flooded with people, but when these people come to our campus they probably think they found the source of the zombie apocalypse.  I actually feel bad for the kids touring. There is no way seeing my tired, decrepit face is helping them with the decision to come here. However, seeing them does remind me of why I chose to come to this school in the first place. It reminds me that I am here to do what I love even if it means a little extra work than normal people my age. So, I wish you all good luck with finals and have a restful winter break.


With love,