Staying Ahead

As most of you know (or at least I hope you know) it is a new year which means new years resolutions. For most people losing weight is the most common new years resolution. However, mine has been to be more focused on school. Last semester, I found myself falling behind. I was having to chase time in order to maintain the grades that I was at least decently happy to have. So this semester, I have decided to stay ahead of my classes. I finally caved and decided to use Microsoft Outlook to schedule all my school work and events. Even though I am usually not capable of using technology, I realized that without being organized and having reminders that I do not use my time to its fullest. So, I have put all my exams into Outlook and I am ready to tackle this second semester. Other than being organized, I suggest being prepared before going to class. I have recently started to do various things, whether it be reading or taking notes ahead of time, before I go to certain classes. This has helped me to have an understanding for what I am about to learn in class that day which has ultimately prevented me from walking out of the classroom not knowing anything about what just happened. These are just a few tips that I have found to help me with my new years resolution to tackle this school semester. However if your new years resolution was to lose weight, I cannot help you there whatsoever.

With love,



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