As most of you have probably already realized, February is coming to a swift end. Soon, we will all be enjoying a week free from school. Some of you all might even get the chance to enjoy some warmer weather down south. I personally love spring break, but it seems to end in about two days. That week goes by so fast that suddenly I am back in class. However, this made me realize that there are a bunch of fun events that are going to be popping up on campus in these next few months. I don’t know about you all, but my moral could do with a good boost right about now. The cold weather and stress of school is not the best combination on my mojo. I suspect I am not the only student on campus feeling this way. To help you get out of this funk, I suggest that you attend many of these wonderful events that are going to be coming up. I also suggest that you read your emails and not just delete them immediately. I know sometimes it is just easier to clear everything out by just going through and pressing delete, but I encourage you to read them so that you can hear about these opportunities to have some fun. I know trying new things can sometimes be scary, but you have to step outside your comfort zone every now and then because real life is happening outside of the zone. I challenge you all to step outside of your own zone at least once this semester and see what happens.


With love,



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