I’m BaaaAAaack!

Let me start off by saying welcome back! To those of you who do read my blog, I hope you will enjoy this upcoming year of me still blogging with our school. For those of you who are new to my blog, let me say just say that this is your only warning. I like sarcasm and giving my opinion. So with that being said, here goes my first post this year. I want to talk about the parking garages and parking lots. Holy heck people! This is not Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift nor are you Vin Diesel. This is a parking facility. I get really scared walking to my car in the garage because I’m paranoid that someone is going to whip around the corner and knock me off my feet. I understand that you have somewhere to be. Maybe you have a hot date or maybe you are running late to school. However, speeding in the parking garage is not really going to save you that much time in the long run. Just try to leave five minutes earlier and you will not feel the need to speed through the garage. If we all slow down and become aware that there are other people in the parking garage besides us then I think it will become a safer environment. Unless you really feel the need to ram the gas pedal so that my ears bleed from the sound of your engine. Then you can go right on ahead and ignore this message.

With love,



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