Social media. The twitter and the facebook. Lately our campus has been buzzing about some potential changes in regards to the school’s rules on what students should and should not be posting. While I have mixed feelings about the situation, I am not going to use this post to fully express my opinion. However, I do have the strong urge to tell you some rules of thumb when it comes to social media. First rule of thumb, do not harass other students. Nothing sickens me more than when people use social media to fight their battles. If you could not man up and say it to their face, then do not wimp out and do it on social media. Second rule of thumb, do not post things about professors. I am not saying that I have never said something bad about a professor, but the detail some people go into about hating their professors is quite sickening. These professors are actual people. Most of them have children. If you saw someone talking smack on your momma, would you like it? Hell no you wouldn’t. So do not do it. My final rule, is the overall rule. If you hesitate before you post or even have the slightest thought that you should not post it, then YOU SHOULD NOT POST IT! It is better to be safe than sorry. These are just some basic rules that I believe everyone should go by on a daily basis. Whether there are rules in place or not, how you behave on social media is a reflection of the type of person you are. And some people are looking pretty bad…

With love,



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